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The Church of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception
The Chapel of Christ the Redeemer
The Chapel in the Shelter for the homeless (Missionaries of Charity)


The Church of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception 
Parish priest: father Vladimir Baxa, SDB
Adress: AZ1110 Baku, Orujev st. 2A (Xətai)
(how to find us)
Tel: +994-012-555-1067

The Church of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception was built in 2006 according to the Italian architect Paolo Rujero’s project in the modern style with elements of New Gothic. The statue of the Virgin Mary by local sculptors was set up over the entrance of the Church which has 200 benches. On 29th April, 2007 the Apostolic Nuncio in Transcaucasia Monsignor Claudio Gujerotty administered the rite of consecration of the Church.

The Church was able to be built thanks to Pope John Paul the Second’s visit to our country in 2002. The plot of land for building was presented to the Church by Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliev.

Schedule of Divine Services and Arrangements:

09:30 the Holy Mass in Russian
11:00 the Holy Mass in English
13:00 the Holy Mass in Russian

18:00 the Holy Mass in Russian (After Holy mass the Holy Rosary in Russian)
19:30 the Holy Rosary and Novena in English

18:30 Eucharistic Adoration
19:00 the Holy Mass in Russian

18:00 the Holy Mass in English

The Chapel of Christ the Redeemer
Adress: AZ1069 Baku,Mammad Araz st. 69/b/1 (Genjlik)
(how to find us)
Tel: +994 12 562 22 55
Fax: +994 12 436 09 43

The Chapel of Christ the Redeemer’s Parish is located in a private residence purchased by Salesian brethren with the object of organizing a permanent place for celebrating divine services and the Order monks’ living. It was the main place of celebrating divine services of the Catholic Church in Azerbaijan for a long time and on finishing the construction of the Church of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception, all the main services were transferred there.

At present the Chapel serves as a place of prayers and services of Salesians residing in the same house; some Holy Masses for parishioners are also celebrated there. Besides, different courses arranged by the Community are given in the Parish house. There is a library and a computer classroom there as well

Schedule of Divine Services and Arrangements:

09:00 the Holy Mass in Russian

19:00 the Holy Mass in Russian.

The Chapel in the Shelter for the homeless (Sisters: Missionaries of Charity)
The Shelter for the homeless
Prioress: sister Marina
Address: House 2, Ganjlik Parky st., Zikh road, Baku, Azerbaijan (bus 2, 175)
Telephone: +994-12-511-8972,  +994-40-218-6046

(to the address of the Salesian house on Genjlik (Christ the Redeemer’s Chapel with the mark “for Sister Marina”)

The Shelter for the Homeless that is supported by the Order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s Sisters – Missionaries of Charity has been working in Azerbaijan since May 2006. The main purpose of its activities is to help to the needy in the spirit of Christ’s love and charity, independent of their religious convictions.

Elderly people who have been made homeless and cannot earn daily bread are admitted into the Shelter provided they do not have relatives who can help them. Persons suffering from mental illnesses of all kinds are not accepted to the Shelter because they require specialized care and medical attention, which are not possible in the conditions of the Shelter, also people suffering from alcoholism are not admitted into the Shelter.

Persons made homeless can stay at the Shelter for a period of two to three months, within that period besides being given support, they are given help in searching for lodging and upkeep (with their relatives or in specialized state institutions and so on). First of all, the Sisters work in the interest of the indigent, using every opportunity to regulate their life. Seriously sick and dying people are an exception.

The Shelter can take 40 boarders, who reside in the two common wards for men and women, the boarders assist the nuns with daily tasks (tidying up, cooking, and washing).

The boarders are fed three times a day; they get necessary medical service carried out by the nuns, who are medically trained, or by physicians called in case of need. In case of a boarder’s death the Shelter ensures an adequate interment in accordance with the funeral ceremony requested.

People who have their own house or flat but do not have means of subsistence can get required nourishment in the Shelter. The Sisters are also ready to visit lonely old people who cannot take care of themselves by reason of malady or infirmity.

The Sisters of Charity render assistance to the needy, independently of their religious convictions, and they on no account insist on changing religion as condition of putting boarders in ward

If you know a person who, in your opinion, needs above-mentioned help, then you can get in touch with the prioress using the telephone number and e-mail stated at the page.

Shelters of Mother Teresa’s Sisters are only supported on the means collected by the Catholic Church all over the world. The Sisters of Charity working in Baku will be very much obliged to everybody who will want to give the unfortunate any donations in the form of money, provisions, garments, bedclothes, medical supplies, dressing and so on. Anyone can apply using the address and the telephone number stated on the page.