Text of the Papal Bull

to the beloved son Vladimir FEKETE, S.D.B., currently Apostolic Prefect of
Azerbaijan, now Bishop elect with the title of Municipa, health and Apostolic
Blessing.Fulfilling the Lord’s mandate to govern the universal Church, We always have
before Our eyes all the communities scattered throughout the world. In particular
We now think of the faithful who are in Azerbaijan and of the need they have for
an appropriate person to receive the episcopal dignity to take care of the spiritual
needs of the faithful there.
Since You, my beloved Son, for several years now, with the support of your
Society of St. Francis de Sales, have accomplished an important pastoral work
there, at first as the Superior of the “sui iuris” Mission in Baku and then as the first
Apostolic Prefect of Azerbaijan, you seem to Us suitable to assume and discharge
this responsibility with fruit. Therefore, with the fullness of the authority of our
Apostolic See, we appoint you Bishop with the title of Municipa according to the
norms of common law.
You will be able to receive the episcopal consecration from any Catholic Bishop
anywhere, outside of Rome. But first you shall make the profession of faith and
you shall take the oath of loyalty to Us and Our Successors in keeping with the
formula established according to the customary usage. It will also be your
responsibility that the clergy and the faithful entrusted to you be informed of Our
decision in this regard.
Finally, We exhort you in the Lord, beloved Son, that while you dispose yourself
to take on this office, you double your pastoral zeal and increase your commitment
to fruitfully fulfill in Christ’s name this so important responsibility, with which
today We entrust you.
Given in Rome, at St. Peter’s, the eighth day of the month of December, in the year
of the Lord two thousand and seventeen, fifth of Our Pontificate.