Catechetical Instruction

What Catechetical Instruction is and why it is necessary?

Catechetical Instruction is studying the Christian doctrine that is the dogmata which the Catholic Church accepts. Catechism is the Church teaching covering all the theses of the Christian faith, which each Christian must know and understand. It is not possible to become a Christian, a Catholic without realizing what they mean. The Church urge us to take truths preached after carefully studying them, and so Catechetical Instruction is necessary for every person who has taken a decision to join the Church by baptizing or to become a member of the Catholic Church after being baptized in another Christian community.

Who needs to take a course in Catechism?

If you decide to become a Catholic, you must take a course in Catechism. If you have not been baptized in a Christian church or a community yet, Catechetical Instruction is called preparation for Baptism. The Catholic Church in Azerbaijan have fixed a year’s time for the preparation. Baptism ofcatechumen (people who take a course in Catechism) usually takes place at Easter, and so the Catechetical Instruction begins some time later after the feast. Catechetical Instruction is also necessary for those who are Christians of another Christian community, but they have expressed a wish to join the Catholic Church. In such a case Catechetical Instruction is considered the preparation for adopting Sacraments.

How and where the lessons are given?

The Lessons are given in the Church of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception on Sundays after the Holy Mass in Russian. As a rule, various groups for the preparation for Baptism or adopting Sacraments are established. The groups are formed in accordance with catechumen’s age and native language. Besides, there is an opportunity of individual lessons, which are given by Catechism teachers or priests in agreement with them. The foundation of the curriculum is Catechism of the Catholic Church. All the lessons are free of charge. All changes are informed of after the Holy Mass.

How I can join a catechism group?

If you want to join a catechism group for the preparation for Baptism or adopting Sacraments, you can inform of your desire to the Dean of the Church, fr. Joseph Marek and get all the necessary information of catechumen’s groups at present and other possibilities of training. By contacting one of our representatives as shown at the pages of the Parish and Church.