Charity – Helping Shams

Dear parishioners, dear site visitors. One organization asked us to help joining the charity of helping one small girl with cancer. They are collecting donations for her operation. Pleas have a look at the information and try to help: with a prayer for her, her parents, all ill children; or maybe you could help also finantially. More info following.

Shams is 6 years old and she is fighting neuroblastoma – cancer of the adrenal gland. It is now in Stage 4 which means that the cancer has spread and there are metastases on her liver, bones and bone marrow.

Shams is getting chemotherapy in Turkey and later (in September) if the tumor’s dimensions are suitable, she will have surgery followed by radiotherapy.

In order to beat this disease completely however, Shams should get immunotherapy with antibodies as neuroblastoma is insidious and it can return on a similar or larger scale. To avoid the return of cancer, humanized mouse antibodies are injected to the body and they will help to kill all cancer cells.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York is the clinic with the best results in treatment of neuroblastoma, however the treatment is very expensive and without help it will be impossible for Shams to complete her treatment as she should.

This Saturday, August 4, 2018, there will be the fair in ISR Plaza to raise funds for the Shams. It will last from 9:00 AM IN THE MORNING TO 8:00 PM IN THE EVENING…. The amount required for Sham’s treatment is enormous. Let’s all do our best to save her. There will be teas, coffees, cakes, pastries for sale (donations of cakes and pastries would be greatly appreciated) as well as a bazaar selling clothes that are new, nearly new etc, designer labels etc as well as household items that have been donated – similar to the expat Winter Fayres that are held in the winter. This will be the first fund raising event held for Shams – we will hold more.

I will be glad to answer any questions and listen to any suggestions that you may have regarding tomorrow and the future! My email address is My mobile is +994503351964

Here is Shams gofundme page if you would just like to make a donation.